Light Bulbs Shapes

Light Bulb Shapes - vary, from pear shapes to funnel shapes to tube shapes. Each light bulb type has a designation. Examples include: PAR for parabolic aluminized reflector light bulb or T for tube. Many household halogen light bulbs are a MR16, the MR is for 'metallic reflective' light bulb.

Bulb shapes are derived from these names. Several of the more general classes of bulb types are outlined below.

  • A - Standard household incandescent light bulb shape
  • B - Bulged bulb shape
  • BT - Bulged or Blown Tubular bulb shape
  • BR - Short reflector style light bulb
  • C - Candle or Conical bulb shape
  • CP - Crystalline Pear bulb shape
  • E - Ellipsoidal bulb shape
  • ER - Extended reflector light bulb shape
  • F - Flame style candelabra bulb shape
  • G - Globe bulb or circular bulb
  • HK - Hexagonal Candle
  • K - Krypton or narrow reflector light bulb shape
  • MB - Halogen bulb
  • MR - Quartz reflector lamp (low wattage)
  • P - Pear bulb shape
  • PAR - Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR) lamp
  • PS - Elongated standard incandescent bulb
  • R - Reflector light bulb style
  • S - Strait Sided bulb style
  • T - Tube lamp shape